How To Install Chicken Wire Fence For Dogs

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How To Install Chicken Wire Fence For Dogs
How To Install Chicken Wire Fence For Dogs

How to Install Chicken Wire Fence For Dogs

Are you looking for a way to keep your dog safe from other animals or even humans? If yes, then installing a chicken wire fence around your yard might be the solution. In this article, I am going to show you how to install a chicken wire fence for dogs.

Chicken wire fences are very common in rural areas because they are cheap and easy to build. They are also effective at keeping out unwanted animals and intruders.

A chicken wire fence is usually made of galvanized steel wire. The wire is rolled into a cylinder shape and then welded together. This makes them strong and durable.

The size of the wire used depends on the size of the area that needs to be protected. Smaller wires can be used to protect smaller spaces while larger ones can be used to cover large areas.

Chicken Wire Dog Fence

You can use any type of wire for making a chicken wire fence. However, it should be noted that some types of wire are more suitable than others.

Galvanized Steel Wire: Galvanized steel wire is one of the most commonly

used materials for making chicken wire fences. It has a high tensile strength which means that it will not break easily.

Galvanized steel wire comes in different sizes. You need to buy the right size depending on the size of the space that needs to be covered.

If you want to make a small chicken wire fence, then you should get a wire with an approximate diameter of 1/2 inch.

If you want a bigger chicken wire fence, then go for a wire with a diameter of about 3 inches.

Wire Mesh: Another material that can be used to make a chicken wire fence is wire mesh. Like galvanized steel wire, wire mesh is available in various sizes.

It is important to note that when using wire mesh, you must ensure that the mesh is tightly woven so that it does not allow water to pass through.

This is especially true if you live in a humid environment where there is a lot of rain.

How to Make a Chicken Wire Fence

To make a chicken wire fence, all you have to do is take two pieces of wire and bend them into a circle. Then, connect them by overlapping each other.

When connecting the wires, make sure that they overlap each other by at least 2 inches.

Once the connection is complete, cut off the excess wire.

Now, you can start attaching the chicken wire fence to the ground. To attach the fence to the ground, you can either dig holes or lay down wooden planks.

Then, insert the fence into the hole or plank until it reaches the ground.

Once the fence is attached to the ground, you may need to trim the excess wire.

Now, you can fill up the hole or plank with soil.

Make sure that the soil is firm enough so that the fence cannot move.

That’s all! You now have a chicken wire fence installed.


In conclusion, chicken wire fences are great for protecting your property from unwanted animals and intruders such as thieves and vandals.

Using Wood Panels for Installing Chicken Wire Dog Fence:

  1. Wooden fence frames are used to hold up the chicken wire.
  2. Chicken wire should be attached to wooden fence frames.
  3. Wooden fence frames are strong and durable.
  4. You must measure your yard before buying fencing materials.
  5. A measuring tape is needed to know how many yards of chicken wire you need.
  6. Buy a post-hole digger.
  7. Buy a hammer or electric screwdriver
  8. Buy a pair of pliers
  9. Use screws/nails to attach the posts to the ground.
  10. Attach the crossbars to the posts.
  11. Cut the fence posts according to the measurement marks.
  12. Make sure the fence post is buried deep enough to prevent dogs from digging under it.
  13. Use the boards to make up the fence.
  14.  Dig the hole for the post.
  15. Put the post inside the hole.
  16.  Stretch the wire around the post.
  17. Use nails to hold the wires together.
  18.  Bend the nails horizontally. This method prevents dogs from digging holes near fences.

Metal stakes are easy to use and install.

  1. They last longer than wood stakes.
  2.  Measure the length of the fence.
  3. Mark the height of the posts.
  4. Cut the chicken wire to size according to the measurements.
  5. Spread the chicken wire evenly over the ground.
  6. Place the posts in the middle of the space.1. Measure the height and length of the dog.
  7. Mark the measurements on the ground.
  8. Install the metal fence posts at every 8-10 feet distance.
  9. Choose the place for the gate, and install it there.
  10. Use post driver to install the metal stakes into land surfaces.
  11. Once all metal posts have been placed, now install the chicken wire along the exterior of the fence post.
  12. Secure the chicken wire with metal wire.
  13. You’re done with your chicken wire fencing for the dog using metal posts.

10 Cheap Dog Fence Ideas (DIY is the cheapest way)

Dog fence ideas are not only useful but also very cheap.

If you want to protect your home from intruders, then you can try these DIY dog fence ideas.

Here are 6 cheap dog fence ideas for you to choose from.

1. Use old clothes

  1. Old clothes are perfect for making homemade dog fences.
  2. First, cut off the sleeves and legs of an old shirt.
  3. Next, fold the fabric into a triangle shape.
  4. Fold one side of the triangle towards the center.
  5. Fold the other side of the triangle towards its center.
  6. Repeat this process until you get a square shape.
  7. Then, sew the two sides of the square together.

2. Make a chain link fence

Chain link fences are very popular among people who love pets.

To create a chain-link fence, you will need a piece of rope, some string, and a sewing machine.

  1. Start by cutting a long piece of rope.
  2. Sew the ends of the rope together.
  3. Cut the rope into pieces that are 1 foot long.
  4. Tie each piece of rope onto itself.
  5. Sew the ropes together again.
  6. This creates a looped section.
  7. Now, tie another piece of rope to the first looped rope.
  8. Continue tying loops and connecting them together until you reach the desired length.

3. Use plastic bags

  1. Plastic bags are great for creating inexpensive dog fences.
  2. Simply take a few plastic grocery bags and cut them down so they fit your yard.
  3. Cut out a small opening in the top of the bag.
  4. Fill the bag with rocks or pebbles.
  5. Cover the stones with grass.

4. Use cardboard boxes

  1. Cardboard boxes are also good for making homemade dog fences because they are light and portable.
  2. Simply remove the bottom of the box and fill it with sand.
  3. Add more sand as needed.

5. Use empty toilet paper rolls

  1. Empty toilet paper rolls are perfect for making inexpensive dog fences.
  2. Take a roll of toilet paper and cut it into strips.
  3. Attach the strips to the fence using tape.

6. Use old tires

  1. Old tires are also great for making homemade dog fences if you don’t mind getting dirty.
  2. Just cut open the tire and remove the inner tube.
  3. Fill the inside of the tire with gravel or dirt.

7. Use an old blanket

  1. An old blanket is also a great material for making homemade dog fences since it is soft and easy to clean.
  2. Remove any stains on the blanket before using it.

8. Use wood pallets

  1. Wood pallets are also ideal for making homemade dog fences due to their portability and durability.

9. Use old tires

  1. Use old tires to make homemade dog fences.
  2. You can use old tires as planters too!

10. Use old bricks

  1. Bricks are also great materials for making homemade dog fences at a low cost.

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