The most expensive dog breeds Price, History, Characteristics, Best info 2021

Dogs are in every sense a cherished joy. Some breeds are as expensive as Boeing wings, but they are very common. Demand creates supply and price for a particular species.

samurai dog

The Japanese Akita is an unusual breed. It is worth starting with the fact that this dog does not like to obey. They must be trained carefully and without the use of violent methods.

The second point is dog stubbornness. A representative of the breed, who has decided something, will stubbornly insist on his own. It is possible to convince a pet, but extremely difficult.

However, among dog lovers, Japanese Akitas are gaining popularity. People are willing to buy puppies despite prices starting at $1500.

English bulldog

breed of aristocrats

The British have a rather specific appearance. In addition, the English bulldog barely tolerates heat and cold, can snore during sleep and spoil the air, prefers home comfort to walking, and females give birth with great difficulty. However, the cost of puppies starts at $ 1,500 and goes up to $ 10,000 depending on the importance of the parents and the popularity of the kennel.

Alaskan Malamute

Malamutes must be kept in captivity

Malamutes were bred to carry goods in difficult weather conditions. Today’s dogs are great, beautiful, and very special. Alaskan Malamutes are kept in cottages in specially equipped containers. Despite the large number of kennels for breeding this breed, finding a good puppy is not that easy. As for the cost, it starts from $1,000 and goes up to $4,000.

Klee Kai from Alaska

Very rare breed

Mini Husky has captured the hearts of American dog lovers. Those who want to get a husky, but cannot, can pay attention to the small sample. According to the breeders, the Klee-kai has a very good personality because the breed was bred as a companion animal. But its representatives are quite rare even in America, so the cost of a puppy is high. Prices start at $4,000 and there is no upper limit yet.

Basset hound

This is a hound…

The funny, long-eared Basset is a hound breed. Now Bassets are used as companions, they are calm and balanced, suitable for apartment maintenance. In Russia, the cost of a puppy starts from 50,000 rubles, abroad – from $ 1,000.

Bichon Frise

beauty for exhibitions

Small, adorable Bichons make the perfect show dog. Representatives of the breed have an unusual appearance and sympathetic character. Bichon Frize is rarely seen roaming the city; Ordinary dog ‚Äč‚Äčlovers rarely get them. In any case, bichons in Russia live mainly with wealthy people who are willing to invest in their pet show career. The cost of a good puppy in Russia starts from $ 2,000, abroad – from $ 3,000.

Pure Yorkshire terrier

Dogs are so small that they feel good in the owner’s hands. Some Pure Yorkies do not walk, they prefer to put a tray or diapers in it. These children are very playful and affectionate, which corrupts lovers of small breeds. And the Biewer Yorkies know how to smile and exchange a particularly touching glance. A minimum of $1,500 is required to purchase a Pure Yorkie puppy in Russia. If you want to buy an adult dog for breeding abroad, you will need $25,000 in inventory.

Brussels Griffin

Looking at the dog, it’s hard to imagine her playing any other role than her companion. Initially, the breed was bred to fight mice, but the Griffon did an excellent job with this task. Today, the Brussels Griffon is a cute pet whose owner does not have a soul. Dogs are friendly with their family, but they are stubborn and like to show who is boss. But people all over the world are happy to have Griffin. Purebred puppies start at $1,300.



A large and serious dog with excellent protection. The Boerbull is not the most common breed, so anyone who needs a dedicated guardian who is attentive and ready to respond should start. The minimum cost for a Boerboel puppy with a pedigree and supporting documents is $1,200.

Hungarian vizla

Once upon a time, vyzhly was famous for being an excellent hunter. Now representatives of the breed take part in hunting competitions and shine at exhibitions.

Vizsla is not one of the most popular breeds in Russia, but its representatives are appreciated abroad. Buying a good puppy will cost the future owner at least 2000-2500 dollars. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The popularity of “cookies” is skyrocketing

The smiling shepherd is at the peak of popularity among dog lovers. Pembrokes are small pets and are very cute and intelligent. Training with “cakes” also offers opportunities for large breeds.

Popular colors puppies start at $ 1,200 depending on the level of the kennel the pet is purchased from.



A rush to work that indirectly disappears in the past. Today’s Dobermans are prone to cancer and DCM, but remain active, high-performing and energetic. Dobermans serve in the authorities and are attacked by cynologists and breed lovers.

The price of a good puppy in Russia is at least $1,300. And if the report is made overseas, both parents work and the price could soar to $3,000.

Yorkshire terrier

One of the most popular breeds in the world. Yoricks was founded by families with children, singles, seniors and young adults. Dogs are loved for their friendliness, friendliness and playfulness. As a result, there are many breeders around the world who breed this breed. But puppy prices start at $1,500, and there are kennels that sell puppies for $10,000 to $15,000.

Knight of King Charles the Spaniard

Oh that’s charming… Conquer with your intellect, sweet and affectionate dog. The Cavalier King looked into his eyes, and his eyes were very piercing, as if reading his master. Representatives of the breed are especially popular in large cities and are often found in kennels. The price of purebred puppies in Russia is 1000 dollars and abroad 1500 dollars.

Coton de Tulear

The Madagascar Bichon has a luxurious white coat that requires regular grooming. Perhaps this is the only problem of the pet. Otherwise, the Coton de Tulear is a charming creature that tenderly loves its owner.

Representatives of this breed are rare in Russia. Yes, and the prices for puppies bite, because the cost starts from $ 1500. Luckin

It is a very rare breed with several hundred in the world. There are two types of multi-breed kennels in Russia, including one Levin breed. Puppies start at $3,500, but they’re a bit cheaper in Europe starting at $2,000.


One of the smartest races in the world

This variety is chosen by gynecologists, obstetricians working in the authorities and active people who love “berries”.

Malinois are very active and intelligent, and such dogs require constant physical and moral stress. Otherwise, the animal begins to go crazy with laziness and becomes a nervous creature. Before starting a “raspberry”, you need to think several times and weigh the pros and cons.

A good working puppy starts at $1,500. An adult working dog is even more expensive, costing between $20,000 and $25,000.

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