Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad After Going Outside

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why does my dog smell so bad after going outside
Dog smell so bad after going outside

Why does my dog smell After being outside?

All the way back you’ve been on an amazing long stroll along the hills or at the parks along with your favorite pet. You’ve had a great time and the dog has played catch, running through fields as well as burning some calories.

We’ve all heard the tale that you’re at home, have an iced drink, and curl up on the couch with your pet All suddenly, you catch the stench of something unwelcome.

What is it? Why is it that your dog’s odors are stronger after having been out in the open?

First, let’s take our time to look at the summary of the reason your dog may smell when you’ve been out.

What causes my dog to smell after going outside? Your dog might smell after being outdoors for various reasons. It could be due to a skunk’s track or being attacked by a skunk when your dog is covered in any animal feces, or your dog has cleaned out the trash bin or rolled on the carcass of a dead animal.

After we’ve examined the most basic answer, you’ll be able to determine right immediately what could be the cause of the smell. Now let’s take a closer look at the types of situations that could make doggy whiffs a part of your home and some of the causes that your dog is smelling and, of all, of course, the vital details on how to get rid of it!

To be a bit more familiar with your pet’s furry companions We’ll begin by exploring what smells like a dog.

Environmental Benefits of Outdoor Smells

There are a variety of environmental factors in every day which cause dogs to stink after they have come inside from outside. The good news is that most of them are not harmful!

Find out which smells indicate Danger

It’s as confusing as it can be, dogs are attracted by the scent of dead animal carcasses and their feces. If your dog is engaged in the enthralling pastime of laying on a dead body or droppings, you’re not the only one.

Be aware of your dog’s movements on walks. If this type of unpleasant smell is evident after letting your dog run free on the lawn, you must hurry to determine the location of the body or dung, and eliminate the smell. These odorous and distinct smells can expose both dogs and humans to poisons that can cause illness such as pathogens, pests, and parasites. The smell of trash is, naturally, derived from the foul mix of waste that’s been left in the garbage disposal. The most commonly odor-causing culprits consist of nitrogen and sulfur compounds. They all could make your dog smell. Imagine a concoction made of ammonia, rotting eggs, meat, cabbage sweetener, sour fruit, and vinegar. It is not something you would want to be around yourself, your dog, or in your house.

The above scents are certain to cause your dog to become agitated should they put their hands on these compounds. Be sure to secure any trash, since the trashcan is filled with a myriad of objects and substances which can cause harm, poison, and even kill dogs.

Environmental Themes for Outdoor Smells

There are a variety of common environmental elements that cause dogs to smell when they come in from the outside. Fortunately, the majority of them are not harmful!

What is the dog smell After being outside?

To better comprehend some of the scents your pet may emit, it’s helpful to understand the fact that pets don’t sweat the same way that a human sweats.

Do dogs emit scent from glands?

The smell of dogs is also released via the glands inside their ear. This can appear to be a somewhat yeasty scent, but it is normal for dogs and is controlled by regularly grooming, bathing and washing.

The smell of dogs also comes from the glands that line their anus. It is usually designed to assist other dogs to recognize them. However, when they get blocked, they may cause health issues that require you to see a veterinarian to take a look at.

After we’ve seen an average smell for your furry friend We’ll look at some of the causes your dog might smell a bit strong after having been out.

Let’s begin with one of the most unpleasant smells that your furry friend could bring to your home!

“One crucial method dogs create scent is through the oil they create that contains smell markers.”

My dog has been rolled in the fox Poop

Because of evolutionary reasons, dogs are able to adapt their behavior little from their ancestral wolf-like ancestors. The wild dogs used to cover their bodies with smelly substances to allow them to be able to attack their prey in a way that was not noticed.

It’s interesting to note that dogs will typically cover their puppies with poop to guard their young against predators.

But, when you’re confronted by your dog who has fallen in fox poop and is smelling after being outdoors, it’s an unpleasant experience!

It is a horrible smell and it is quite difficult to clean up the mess, and even the smell that your dog emits.

It’s also said by dog owners who have dogs that tomato ketchup can be effective in eliminating and neutralizing odor. Apply the ketchup in a generous manner, then let it sit to sit for the longest time is possible as you can, for up to 20-30 minutes.

You can also opt for mild, natural shampoos that are soap-free, such as Our Bio-Groom N Fresh Shampoo which cleanses thoroughly, without stripping the natural oils of your dog’s coat.

Poop is a way to shield them to guard them against prey.”

How can I stop my dog from rolling in the poop?

Is there any way to keep your pet from getting a poopy mess?

We suggest that when you’re during a walk you suspect are frequented by foxes or any other place your dog has been rolled and you secure them on their leash.

It’s helpful as a part of their learning to teach them basic commands like “leave” or “come” to encourage them to do something positive like a ball or an indulgence.


Dogs are always looking out for the most smelly things including your garbage! Most often, they’re searching for a treat or treat and are able to sniff out food scents.

They also enjoy playing in the garbage too So make sure to ensure that your garbage containers are tight and do not put out any leftovers in bags in areas where your dog is able to sniff them out.

How to Control Dog Odors from Outside?

If your dog has a problem with smelling after being outside, here are some tips that can help:

1. Have a good routine.

2. Keep your dog well-groomed.

3. Make sure your dog doesn’t roll in anything smelly.

4. Use a deodorant spray or powder.

5. Be mindful about where you walk.

6. Try using a product called “Bio-Groom” which helps control odors.

7. Don’t forget to brush your dog’s teeth before leaving.

8. Take your dog to the vet if necessary.

9. Do not use flea products on your dog.

12. Never give your dog table scraps.

13. Always wash your hands after handling your dog.

14. Avoid letting your dog lick your face.

15 Give your dog plenty of exercise.

How to Keep the Dog Dry and Clean?

After coming back outdoor activity, immediately bathe him so he doesn’t get cold. Wash the dog properly with shampoo and soap.## Inputs You can also use commercial shampoos to remove any lingering odors from your skin.

These shampoos will help to remove the dirt, foul odor, and dead cells from your dog’s skin. It also keeps them clean and dry, and you don’t feel the fishy smell when they go outside.


We hope that now you know why dogs smell after going outside. You can also get this problem under control by giving your dog a proper bath and keeping him dry and clean using the methods described above.

Next time you come back from outdoors, and your dog smells bad, follow these simple steps:


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